Tedde Abbott, CHT
Hypnosis for Healing and Self Improvement

Tedde Abbott, CHT

Hypnosis for Healing and Self Improvement

Congratulations on making the important decision to quit smoking! Whether you’ve tried to quit smoking many times or if you’ve just made the decision today, you have come to the right place.

Whatever your reason, whether it’s health, an emotional attachment to cigarettes, lack of freedom or self control, stress relief, or countless other reasons, hypnosis therapy can help.

Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool that makes it easier to quit smoking. When you’re in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, you’re more open to suggestion. You can:

  • eliminate cravings
  • think of yourself as a non-smoker
  • implement new healthy behaviors

If you’re ready, and if you want to quit smoking, you CAN. Millions do. So can you!

What to Expect

At Abbott Hypnotherapy, my quit smoking hypnosis program provides hypnosis therapy AND the support and information you need to become a successful non-smoker. I will work with you to address your individual issues. You can expect to:

  • develop quit smoking strategies that work
  • take on a non-smoking self image
  • learn stress reduction skills

Quit Smoking Sessions

Sessions focus on your individual needs. You will receive personal attention in an encouraging supportive environment. Please allow approximately 2 hours for your appointment. Contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment. I will enjoy hearing from you and will help you in any way I can.

Tedde Abbott, certified hypnotherapist, has been helping clients in the greater Cleveland area, throughout northeast Ohio, and around the state since 1992. Click here to see how Tedde has used hypnosis therapy to help clients achieve their goals.